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The Canvas

A canvas shows us many different art elements coming together to create a whole picture. With that said there’s many different elements that make us who we are. We take the time to focus on the mind, body, and soul.  We get more personal and share stories as they relate to health, athletics, finances, beauty, relationships, spirituality, and food for thought.


Creative Block

We’ll take a break from all the chatter and play a game. We’ll also close out the show by saying our Top Creative for the week unless our top creative is already on the show which is usually the case!








Ep:18 Actor/Comedian Rod Minger and friend of the show Monique join us as we touch on tipping in the service industry, Mariah Carey's high demands, and Kendu possibly inspiring another broken-hearted Mary J. Blige album. But all of these topics combined couldn't make America great again. You guessed it. We're gonna bump Trump in that topic lineup somewhere.

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Ep17:Internet Celebrity and Natural Hair Sensation Natural Chica is in the building ladies and gentlemen, and she is as beautiful in person as she is on your iScreen. Hair bouncing and flowing, she's unafraid...unafraid to be that natural beauty that God created her to be, and she is here to laugh you up some healthy curls with low-maintenance pineapples. Did we confuse you? Good! Cause the puddin' is in the podcast.

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Ep16: BBP Live Event w/Lucy Dazilma: Author, Blogger, and all-around Woman of Bravery, Lucy Dazilma, graces the BBP stage with her presence to share her knowledge, wisdom, and insight as she recounts her own story of growing into womanhood.  Her essence, now dubbed "Lucy Power," has earned her close to 5000 faithful listeners and followers, and the ladies of Black Balance Podcast caught wind of Lucy's Power.  And she is oh so powerful!  Listen in on BBP's first ever Live Event with the one and only Lucy Dazilma.

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Ep15: Clownin' Around: We thought we'd go for the jugular and bring in someone that juggles. That's not even pun, but it's all we got. We got a clown on deck ... JMAN the Clown. And he's here to bring you laughs, knowledge, and personal stories, so sit tight, press play, and enjoy this silly ride.





Ep14: Thrivin' on dem. Guess who came back to kick it with us....Nishisksi Chandler from ou first financial episode 'Black and Broken.' She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and we learn so much from her every time she graces us with her presence. We talked about healthy food choices, your digestive system, and even things you can do to help with sickle cell. She is the real deal, and BBP brought her back to you for you.

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How can wealth be limitless you ask?  The ladies of BBP and guest Noble Woods answer that question for you.  We talk money through the use of analogies about cereal and hair among other things.  In this episode, we simplify the complexities of investing with the hopes of turning you into a future investor, so take a listen.






Ep12: Bruh, Rock the Vote. Get it? Kinda like Barack the Vote? Tee hee. We're having a real, grown up conversation and owning our part in the nation's fault. We're not as well-versed in political acumen as we can be, and historically speaking, we don't vote in local/mid-term elections. But that changes now! Black Balance Podcast is on a mission to learn and do better, and we're inviting you on this journey with us so you, too, can learn and/or brush up on some things. Plus, we got a little stuck with some fact checking, so you political buffs out there are welcome to email us your thoughts to All questions and comments are welcome. Happy listening!

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Ep11: Risqué Business. veryone knows what a smart phone is, but what about a smart condom?  I there a button you push to make it bullet proof or STD proof?  Is it tear-resistant?  And when it comes to bringing sex objects into the bedroom, why stop at a condom?  With the questionable bullet proof condom, we'd say try it with a bullet.  We're not saying that the condom is actually bullet proof cause the bullet we're talking about will rock your world (according to our Sex Connoisseur anyway).  What we're doing a poor job of trying to say is....just listen to the dern episode. It's all about sex!





Thumbnail 9: Tiny Talks for Big Dreams. Living large is going out of style, and small talk has never been productive. 'Tiny Talks for Big Dreams' is in the know and ready to switch and go ... go tiny! Tiny living can suit your fancy while meeting the demands of your finances (and travel). Find out how living in a home that's mobile has lost the stigma of a mobile home.

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At the very end of the episode




It Don't Matter. As tensions continue to rise in America, many blacks question whether their lives do matter. BBP had to take a break from our break to share our thoughts.Hear what the ladies had to say.




Pretty Mug Shot: Black Balance had to step away from vacay to get inside the minds of men and discuss the rising tensions in America regarding Black Lives being taken from Blue Lives. What's the real problem, and how can you avoid a mug shot, or worse....death? Tune in.




Black and Broken: We’ve all heard of the expression “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but what happens if it is broke?  The obvious answer would be to fix it, right?  Well…the fix starts with an open dialogue identifying the problems to which solutions are needed.  Join us as the ladies of Black Balance get naked and bare it all.  HEY! Stay focused.  We’re talking about money here.  Money and health.

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Homegrown Terrorist. Americans are not perfect and have no business labeling or stereotyping an entire group of people, demeaning them in the hearts and minds of citizens in this nation and of those around the world.  Here to set the record straight is American-born Muslim Tayyaba.  She has that in common with the Orlando shooter but abhors his behavior just like the rest of us, so grab a pen and pad and prepare to take notes while she educates us on all things Pakistan, Middle East, and Muslim.

Spectrum music: Sebastian Kole "Love is on the Way"

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Black is what’s real. Why do we have to lose our history in order to progress? Snoop Dogg is tired of films/ TV series that deal with the subject matter of slavery, and though he means well. Listen in as we talk about the importance of keeping those films and TV shows around. 

BONUS! Top creative interview with Photographer Lynsey Weatherspoon. (Starts at 56:02)






Thumbnail 7: My Name is AJ and I was a Victim of Catfishing. Did you dig the Online Dating episode?  Well there's more!  For additional laughs, listen in as AJ reveals how he became a Catfish victim.






Online Dating: Whether you're on the job or searching for a a coffee shop or at home...the world wide web has changed your overall approach to life. Online dating has swept the world off it's feet and into cyberspace where feet seem to be outdated. A catchy screen name coupled with opposable thumbs will either do the trick or trick you into a hugely complicated game where there are no rules, yet everything does not go. Saddle up as BBP takes you on a whirlwind of topics centered around romance on the web.




Colorism: The isms of color are about as many as the issues of color, if not more. The unique take of a light-skinned, frustrated Kita is highlighted when she feels the deliberate uplifting and celebration of dark-skinned women alienates her hue





Thumbnail 6: Mother's Day Listen in as Cameia reflects on a mother's love, and Carol does a spontaneous interview with her mom Carlotta.





Thumbnail 5: Self Love. Listen in as Marquita and guest Michal discuss the importance of checking in with yourself.  





Thumbnail 4: Tubman Resurrected.  Prince Peacefully Rested. In light of recent events, Black Balance highlights some news concerning both pop culture and your wallet.  Find out why doves are crying over $20.





Thumbnail 3: They Belong To Us Listen in as Karlyn weighs in on the balance between

black hair and black love





Thumbnail 2: Badu Controversy Join Carol and feature guest "The Regular Guy" as they discuss the controversy surrounding Ms. Erykah Badu. Plus they discuss the different perspective from Kirsten West Savali Senior Author for The Root.





Bra Woes & Creatve Woes It's boob season and the struggle is real! Join us as we talk about bra woes and just saying no to freelance. 





The Religious Freedom Bill. Sign or veto? Ciara and Russell. Prenup or no? Phife Dawg R.I.P. We didn’t want him to go. And does God care?





No longer unofficial. We broke down the technical barriers and shoved our way through the trenches. Artistic touches of perfect imperfections set the bar for the women of Black Balance to jump…then soar, never looking back because WE’RE IN THIS PIECE!




Oscar!  There’s something about that name.  First came the Grouch.  Then came so white.  Is he cursed?  Is he plagued?  Or perhaps he is underappreciated.  Either way, the four ladies of Black Balance delve into this topic and others with their unique, black, balanced perspective.  Tune in.